A very nice five story pagoda in one of the shrines located adjacent to the deer park.


We were in Nara (2013) for the International Workshop on Computational Electronics.  The above picture was taken prior to the banquet, which is a buffet in the Japanese tradition.  The picture is also the traditionally breaking open of the Sake barrel.  The team selected for the purpose (from left and clockwise around the barrel) are Prof. Chihiro Hamaguchi (Osaka), Prof. Tsuneya Ando (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Prof. Hans Kosina (Technical University of Vienna), Dr. Denis Mamaluy (Sandia), myself, and Prof. John Barker (Glasgow).  In the picture below, we are doing our duty, although I seem to be a little late to the party.  To my right, you can see the stack of traditional wooden boxes from which the Sake is to be drunk.

DSC 0014

The committee dinner was a more sit-down affair, and was relaxed an casual.  From left are Prof. Michael Stroscio (Illinois-Chicago), Prof. Gerhard Klimeck (Purdue), Prof. Steve Goodnick (ASU), his student Radhu Hathaway, myself, Prof. John Barker (Glasgow), and Dr. Denis Mamaluy (Sandia).

Below is another nice scene of one of the lakes in Nara.   © David Ferry 2018