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The Scotch Whisky Page, a nice site put together some years ago, but not being updated these days.  One can also go to the Scotch Whisky Association.  Another nice page is the the World Whisky Awards page.  Of notice, as a Texan, is that the best American single malt whisky is the Balcones Texas Single Malt.


As an admiral in the Texas Navy, I seek to help keep the history of this dramatic organization, so important to the preservation of the Republic, in mind.  The Texas Navy Association is the key site in this quest.  The picture at right is of the first battleship Texas.  She was a sister ship of the Maine, which was sunk in 1898.  I should remark that there are/have been 4 ships named Texas.  The second was a battleship (BB-35) that lived through WWII and is now permanently berthed at the San Jacinto battle monument.  The third was a relatively short lived cruiser (CGN-39), and the last is a modern submarine (SSN-775) of the Virginia class and launched in April 2005.

BB-39 ARIZONA-1932

Carrying on with the Navy theme, at right is the famous USS Arizona (BB-39), which was sunk during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor.  She is actually the third Navy ship to carry the name .  The first was originally laid down as a side-wheel steamer for commercial transport on the gulf, but she was siezed by the confederates and renamed Caroline.  She was subsequently captured by the US Navy and her original name was returned and she served in the Gulf blockading squadron until her demise shortly before the end of the Civil War.  The second Arizona was built as the Neshaminy shortly after the Civil War, but spent much time awaiting completion.  She was renamed the Arizona in May 1869 and again renamed Nevada that August.  She never left the yards, and was decommissioned.  BB-39 was commissioned in 1917, and served favorably, undergoing modernization and refits, until meeting her fate at Pearl Harbor.  Her remains are part of the Pearl Harbor memorial in Honolulu.



The photo at left is a Macan S, which is my kind of Porsche.  It’s my third of the brand and just as much fun as the first was.


If Scotch Whisky has an aura and mystic about it, then so does quality tequila.  It is perhaps as famous and as loved as good scotch, although by probably fewer people, but that may be argumentative.  At any case, one should learn more about it and enjoy it.   You could also look at 10 important things about tequila.  The one shown at the right is one of my favorites, enjoyed slowly, and not rushed as it usually is in the movies (particularly westerns).   © David Ferry 2018